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Mailing Address *

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Marital Status *

Marital Status (Continued)

If separated, divorced or widowed, briefly share further details.
Relationship with Jesus *

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus as your Savior?  If so, how long?  Briefly share further about your history with Jesus.
Relationship with Holy Spirit *

Have you been baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4 and Acts 18?
Church Attendance *

Do you attend church regularly?  What church do you attend?  What is your Senior Pastor's name?  How long have you been a regular attendee?
Education *

Education (Continued)

What college did you attend or graduate from?  What was your college major/minor?
Occupation *

What is your current occupation?  What company are you currently employed with?  If you have worked in this field for less than one year, what was your previous occupation?
Family Information *

Please provide the name, address and phone number for your spouse (if applicable), father and mother.
Experience *

Answering "YES" to any of the following questions will not automatically disqualify you from participating in SOKE.

Experience (Continued)

For all boxes that were checked above please provide further details.
Physical *

Do you have any disease, disorder or disability that requires special attention?
Citizenship *

Are you an American citizen?  If no, then are you residing in the USA on a temporary Visa, Green Card or other form of official documentation?
Languages *

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? *

Do you consider yourself someone who is easily offended?  Explain. *

Have you ever participated in a SOZO?  If so, when and where? *

Do you consider yourself teachable?  Explain. *

What ministries have you been involved in? *

What are some of your gifts and talents?

Are you able to commit to the SOKE YEAR 1 schedule?  Are there any dates (class sessions, specialized expansion trainings, revival groups) that you will not be able to participate in? *

See website for further details.
Why are you interested in attending SOKE YR 1?

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