Thanks for your interest in getting involved on our dreamteam.  The dreamteam is what we call our collective ministry teams at Destiny Church.  We have several areas of ministry that are in need of additional volunteers and a few ministries that are still in developmental stages.   First, help us understand your “SHAPE” for ministry, to see where you best fit.  Answer the following questions to help the leaders of Destiny Church determine where to begin connecting you.



List your spiritual gifts (if known).  If you are unsure, we can help you discover this later.

What are some things that you are really passionate about?  These are not limited to ministry. (hobbies, interests, causes, etc.)

List your natural abilities/talents:

List your most positive qualities and areas of weakness.

What experiences do you have that may benefit your involvement in ministry?
1.  Work experiences (i.e. “I was a banker for 24 years; I served in public relations, etc.):
2.  Ministry experiences: (Please list the church where you were involved; how you served and dates of involvement.  It’s okay if you have not served anywhere before, just let us know that.)
3.  Life experiences (i.e. “I had the opportunity of growing up as a foster child which has given me a real capacity to show compassion.”):
Check areas where you would like to serve.  *

Volunteering at Destiny requires each team member to meet with a team leader where duties and requirements for potential ministry will be discussed.  We'll be in touch with you soon!

Once we’ve reviewed your SHAPE survey, here’s what you can look forward to: *

1. A personal contact and interview from a leader(s) of areas of interest/gifting.
2. A mentoring/training period in that particular area of ministry. 
3. This time will vary depending on the particular ministry.  Some ministry involvement takes a longer mentoring process than others (i.e.—teaching)  
4.  Being added to our ministry schedule.
5.  Areas involving ministry to minors will require a background check for the safety of the minor and adult ministry team.
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